Here is the new music video from the princess of HBGWHEM, Taylor Momsen.

The video is called “Miss Nothing”, but here at HBGWHEM we refer to it as THE GREATEST DINNER PARTY EVER.

Since I’m pretty sure I’m legally prohibited from musing on about how Taylor is the prettiest girl in the entire world, I have the following comments on the video.

The cinematography is beautiful.

That table setting looks yummy.

I’m glad Taylor got the roses sent to her from HBGWHEM.

My Hamburger Helper at the dinner table tonight is going to seem pretty lonely without someone writhing all over the table.

The rest of the creepers in this band seem like bigger creepers than I am.

Overall, the video is pretty good, but please don’t tell me this is the reason why GG won’t have J for the first few episodes. If I have to spend three episodes with shitty Dan Humphrey’s chest hair getting in knots over Vanessa, I’m gonna go crazy.

Substitution key

Cinematography = Taylor

Table Setting = Taylor

Someone = Taylor

Creepers in the Band = Creepers in the Band.


The Pretty Reckless “Miss Nothing” Video