The princess of HBGWHEM, Taylor Momsen, has put out a new video for “Make Me Wanna Die”. I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not just reblogging my previous 1,000 word essays on why Taylor Momsen should be president of the world, they actually did make a new video for Make Me Wanna Die. Is this a problem? Far from it. Know what? Fuck it. I say, every Thursday, a new director makes a video from Make Me Wanna Die with Taylor. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the guys in TPR are there (I mean look at the new video- they have smog, shadows, even raining glitter just to distract you from actually seeing any of the other members because, odds are, they are probably one of your friend’s dads.) Hmm. I’m going to have a be careful with addition comments to this video. The walking down the alley scene, you can pretty much imagine my thoughts on that, and, by using this technique, no one can read your thoughts back in court so it works for everyone. Well, that works until life turns into that Tom Cruise movie where he can figure out who is going to commit crimes when he projects those naked albino people’s thoughts onto a giant ipad. But that’s the future and why worry about the future when we have a new video with Taylor Momsen. It appears that the theme of this video is “The End of the World”, but not “The End of the World” in a bad way, like if those naked albino people started accusing everyone of thought crimes and the world turns into a police state and then nuclear war erupts. It’s more like the end of the world where it’s a nice segue of what you’d imagine nirvana to be like (not the band, although flannel has never looked better than in this video).

If the end of the world does turn out to be like this video and I’m led to my death by a progressively disrobing Taylor Momsen, then, um, we can go right now, let me just put up a witty status on FB as my last words.

In short this video makes me wanna die (in the good- following Taylor Momsen way, not in the nuclear holocaust- Tom Cruise movie way)